Fired from the top-down, inspired from the bottom-up.
Person One: I got fired, laid-off, made redundant. I make vlog detailing it. Simple and personal. Five views already! Empowerment!? Democracy!?

Person Two: I got fired, laid-off, made redundant. With the help of an expert, I made a "digital story" detailing it. Simple and personal. Five views already! Empowerment!? Democracy!?

Person Three: What's the difference in substance...presentation...effect...authenticity? Isolation...disarticulation? Who is watching and why not create some cohesion?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My vlog...the conclusion

A thought part two

Person two: Wow, my friend told me that my vlog on my journey after job loss, and all the other ones out there, really lack in the departments of expertise and scalability. Not sure what scalability means...but I don't like the sound of it. Feel disenchanted.

A Thought

Person One: Its difficult for me that some academic named Nick Couldry suggested that digital stories might be "an isolated phenomenon, cut off from the wider distribution of social and cultural authority and respect". Its the respect part that really hits me, I just made a story about losing my job and I feel that respect is the very thing I need.

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I need help - I got laid off
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Hi Everyone,

As we all know the economy and job market are in shambles right now, and I'm sure many of you have been affected by it in some way or another. Just last week I was laid off from my job of almost 3 years in the aviation industry and now I am in a really difficult spot. I know this may sound desperate, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am reaching out to everybody I can for help. If you know of ANY job opportunities at the moment please let me know. I am not...
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If you need to contact me you can certainly post in this group, send me a message through facebook, email me at or ask me and I will be happy to give you my cell number

Tweeting my digital story of jobloss

  1. Ewrsgd_normalJohnCena4ever11 @CENARULES4EVER Well, i got fired and school troubles =( but ur always cheering me up handsome =) ♥
  1. Mee_normalG4MzLuckyStaRR Packin my apt up cuz I can't stand it here plus I got fired today for idiotic reasons so I gotta move
  1. Senior_pic_normalTayMama13 @JazzyBuford I been doing okay got firedyesterday but im hanging in there...wbu?
  1. Default_profile_2_normallove2cook1349 @TeamCoco Help Conan, I need wheels. Mycar died 8 months ago. I haven't been able to replace it as myhusband lost his job 6 months ago.
  1. Image_normalBeeArtice @PrettyFaceJessy huh?!?!? Info on the move please. I might be...For good. I lost my job here.If I don't find anything,I'll be home soon.

Where does it stop?

Where does it end? Remix, remash, reboot.

Joblessness and digital stories enter the mainstream

Storyteller: Hmmm, maybe this could be a way to combat the isolation of digital stories? These interviews read an awful lot like how I felt when I was laid off. Those these are from the deleted scenes of the movie, real scenes like this appeared. Here They are for everyone to see on Youtube. Scenes featuring real people who were fired getting acting out their firings or telling their stories in a blockbusting academy award winning film. Poignant.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A faux graduate student conversation

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Between Kendra Osburn and You
Josh Gradstudent December 7 at 9:54pm
So hey, I have been researching these expert guided “Digital Stories” all day and I wanted to see what you thought of them! I know they are a little on the strange side, but I find them interesting in that they empower their users to tell their unemployment stories. Way to circumvent the mainstream media!
Here’s a link to one:
Megan Masters December 7 at 10:03pm Report
Super interesting! But I feel so bad for this poor man :(!!!!

Why did they post on this site and not on YouTube??? Aren’t they sort of the same thing? I like that people get to tell such intimate stories, but can’t help but wonder (the inner communications nerd/psychologist in me comes out here) if they really help or hurt the creators.... or if they have any real effect at all!???
Josh Gradstudent December 7 at 10:04pm
I know totally what you are saying. I suppose the stories, in a way, help people in that they create catharsis…but I can’t help but thinking there is a bit of dominant media/expert oriented exploitation going on here. Also, I feel like digital stories like the one I showed you are a bit too isolated to serve a true role in creating actual change (political or social or what not sure) in the job market or even for the people who make them. Sorry to drop that bomb, just thinking out my ideas on here!! I know its confusing!! As far as the Youtube thing goes- not sure, they are similar to the huge (!!!) amount of videos like this on youtube. Man, at some point I feel like these VLOGS are a bit redundant and self-exploiting!
Megan Masters December 7 at 10:05pm Report
I feel like that too!! Youtube is full of such personal videos (...and some nasty comments too).
It’s strange that experts guide the people making digital stories?? I guess it helps people to learn about computers and speak about life…but I wonder what the motives of such “experts” are???

Also, is there any real difference in presentation/effect between the videos on Youtube and the expert led stories?? I feel like the digital stories are too isolated and (like you said) the Youtube stories are a bit self exploiting. I feel like there needs to be some cohesion... what do you think?
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vlog three: depression, difference, mood music, "positive energy" (spirituality?)

Digital Story two: difference, despair and hope

Watch Lyubov and Abdel’s stories

Vlog two: spirituality, web-cam

Digital Story One: photo montage, self-confidence, hope

Find it Here:


"In the summer of 2002, I faced the fact that after working for forty years since leaving school, I would be signing on the dole for the first time. A couple of days after returning from holidays, I went to the steelworks, A.S.W. to convince myself it was closed. After working there as a railway shunter, then a train driver for nearly thirty three years and missing only one day in the first thirty one - Where did it get me? A small payout and no pension.

I visited job employment services and the unemployment office, and on both occasions I was in a daze at what they were saying. I am still on the lookout for a job that will suit me.

It took me until Christmas to get over the shock, but since then I have started to enjoy myself a lot more. My two dogs keep me out and about. My main hobby is local history and every week I attend a history society meeting, which I could not have done if I was still working shifts.

Over the years I have transformed my garden from a forest into a vegetable patch. Due to working extra shifts, I was unable to keep it tidy. A friend of mine then turned it into a patio garden.

The thing I miss most is my annual holidays abroad, after seeing over thirty different countries with so many memories.

After what happened in 2002, my main worry about looking for a job is self-confidence."

Vlog one: the webcam, mood music, spirituality